If you are finding it hard to rediscover or maybe discover the happy and confident person you were are would like to be, you may need a little help.  My approach is based on a combination of positive psychology, common sense and proven therapeutic methods designed to bring early and lasting improvements in the way you feel about life. Whatever you want help with:

Depression? – Anxiety? – Stress? – Lack of confidence? – Relationship problems? – Anger issues ?

I am here to help you understand your issues better and by helping you reframe them in ways that will assist you in finding solutions, you’ll discover reasons to be more positive about your future. I’ll explain the psychology behind your feelings and thoughts so you’ll begin to understand yourself better and finally show you how you can use some simple but powerful tools and techniques to help maintain your psychological wellbeing.

We will discuss and agree Your Treatment Plan together, which will usually over 4 to 6 sessions but that is up to you. I will suggest things you could try out on your own, between appointments so you start to manage your own progress.  My aim is that your therapy is cost-effective as well as efficacious. By the end of treatment you should not only be feeling happier and more confident but also be able to see yourself and others in a much more positive light.

My training has covered many disciplines of evidenced based therapy including Positive Psychology, Person Centred Therapy, CBT (Cognitive Behavioural Therapy), Mindfulness Based Cognitive Therapy and more. I have found that nobody is the same, even though they may have similar symptoms, so all treatment plans are different and may in any case change over time, based on your feedback.  But the treatment goals however, remain the same, which are ‘to restore you to an emotionally stable person, happy within themselves and who is confident about the future’.

So don’t continue to put up with it, get help and phone us today.  (B) 01692 651620 or (M) 07850 667090

Mark Churchward


INITIAL ENQUIRIES: You are very welcome to telephone or come and see me for an initial chat or if you prefer you can email me with an enquiry to get some written feedback before you decide whether or not to make an appointment. There is No Charge for this.